Our Goals

  • Fusion of all of life’s aspects having impact on restoring health at every moment of life and on every stage of a problem.

  • Taking into consideration all aspects which are essential for making any healing progress in a sick person’s circumstances. Sometimes the entire family should undertake treatment – in case of children coming from families where there are some problems restoring health of a child is impossible until the harmony of the parents is restored.

  • Assistance in introducing a new course of conduct in terms of nutrition, strengthening of a weakened body caused by a sickness and by taking chemical drugs, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or  surgery and in preparation for serious medical treatments.

  • Assistance in a sensible choice of medical and natural therapies.

  • Making people aware of how many possibilities a sick person has and how many things depend on a such person to take matters regarding health and life into their own hands.

When you should call at Health And Awareness


Essentially ALWAYS but particularly:

  • Before a decision about biopsy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery is taken.

  • When all mentioned procedures were already applied to strengthen your organism.

  • When you have any dilemmas regarding your treatment to make your decision as sensible as possible.

  • When it is necessary to understand a situation which was highlighted by a sickness and it is required to restore a harmony to assure the healing process is directed to restoring health.

Moreover, you will find here:

  • Programmes to regenerate your strength by taking a trip to Abadiania in Brazil, the town which has a very specific location since it is situated on the love stone  -  the pink quartz. The place is immensely advantageous for people who look for stress and anxiety reduction, strengthening of the immune system, relief of the heart and cardiovascular system diseases, better understanding of themselves and who would like to understand their emotional state and the best way to solve their problems in every aspect of their lives. Certainly, it can be a very exciting holiday in one’s life and an amazing spiritual adventure, which can be fully understood after coming back home since these experiences, impressions and feelings are beyond the words.