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A healthy organism is such that there is a harmony or dynamic balance within a human body. Any sickness is just a signal about disturbance of the balance. The nerve terminals give us a signal that in a particular part of our organism something goes wrong. Pain is just a healthy reaction of our nerves, which inform us that something is wrong and that we need to pay attention to this.

In our culture, a sickness is seen as badness or as something which is independent from us, and its cause should be searched for outside us and treated by medication.

Certainly, medication can reduce suffering, but the cause of the sickness does not disappear and, as a consequence, the sickness takes a consistent condition or affects other organs.  

In many aspects of our life, we can see that some patterns are outdated and require different approaches or to be replaced by others ones, but western medicine is still embedded in the Cartesian-Newtonian paradigm despite many contemporary discoveries which can disclaim it. It causes circumstances in which the sickness is not treated, but it is suppressed. The contemporary medicine, which is based on applying chemical medicaments during treatment, does not refers to the inside essence of the human being. Moreover, the narrow specializations make a physician responsible for just one organ forgetting that it is only a part of the whole organism, which should not work as independent one, but in harmony with other organs.

Common cases described as complete remission appear quite often, but:

  • Why are not so many investigations undertaken to make researches on them?

  • Why does no-one keep track of what actually happens in a human body during such cases?

  • Due to what processes can it happened?

  • Why does the medicine, so called academic medicine, become deaf and speechless when such cases occur and is not interested in explaining what really happened and what caused that sick person to recover?

There are many factors that can cause complete remission.

A sickness is the result of our thoughts and emotions reflected on a physical level. If a thought is a destructive one, like hate, animosity, anger, jealousy and many other similar thoughts, it will be reflected as a disease on the physical level.

The causes of a medical condition are within us. That means in order to recover we need to change our world view. Only inner harmony can bring outer harmony.

Why we get ill

Unlock your inside power to sort out problems in every aspect of your life.

All programmes in this world have anxiety nature. Unfortunately, people are not aware that they kill themselves on a subconscious level. Talking and thinking badly about someone causes our energetic level to drop, destroying our body and making our life shorter. This behaviour is particularly dangerous when we talk and think badly about our parents, which may cause very serious sickness incurable by contemporary medicine. The best way to be healthy and live longer is: goodness, kindness and a sense of humour.

Diseases are the result of our thoughts. A thought is a form of energy, which possesses creative as well as destructive power. People usually underestimate the meaning of their thoughts.

The most frequent causes of diseases appearing in human life are:

  • not understanding the goal, sense and the meaning of our life

  • the presence of negative thoughts, emotions and feelings in one’s consciousness and subconsciousness

  • lack of understanding and not following the rules of the universe

Mechanisms, which bring diseases about:

  • Destructive activity of one’s thoughts. Sickness is just the outside reflection of our thoughts and behaviours.

  • Painful experiences from the past – an emotional impact experienced by us in the past.

  • A hidden motivation, which means that our subconscious mind, by means of a disease, realises the positive purpose.

  • Disease as a result of suggestion.

We can come to the conclusion that people create diseases by themselves, so they can recover just by means of removing the causes responsible for the sickness.   

The health condition is just an outside reflection of our negative thoughts, behaviours and purposes.

For instance: cancer is a result of a very serious, deep conflict with ourselves and the outside world. A former trauma, a hidden animosity, anger and crossness, criticism and hatred, literally raven one’s body. This is a deep, untreatable, psychological trauma, which appears on subconscious level.

All types of cancer, tumors and cysts are caused by former traumas and bad experiences, which are still kept in one’s mind.

Sometimes cancer is just “bolstering”  and “growing” remorse.

Cancer is a treatable medical condition, but traditional, medical treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery are not sufficient. These methods only suppress sickness and postpone the real recovery because the causes of the cancer are not removed. Cancer is a medical condition which affect the entire body. To heal cancer, one needs to remove one’s cancerous world outlook.

The place where the cancer appears, i.e. the sickness location, depends on our thoughts and emotions.

For instance: cervical cancer - a woman animosity towards men, and it can be a reason she does not want to live. Breast cancer may be caused by putting oneself in the last place in one’s life.

What should be done to recover

One should take responsibility for one’s life, medical condition and health.

One should have strong willingness to live and understand the purpose and meaning of life.

One ought to get rid of all destructive programmes, beliefs, negative thoughts and emotions. That means to get rid of everything which can kill you early.

It is necessary to change the lifestyle (e.g. the diet and job), to pay attention to exercise and physical activity and to experience happiness like a child!

If any of the following has appeared in your life:

  • Health problems. For instance, chronic diseases, cancer and other illnesses which are considered untreatable.

  • You lost the sense and meaning of your life.

  • You do not understand the laws of the universe and the way destructive thoughts make impact on your life and health, but you would like to have influence on creating your reality in a very conscious way.

  I would like to invite you to take part in my therapy, which aims at:

  • Finding out all negative emotions responsible for the problems on the psychical level by means of searching for destructive thoughts and emotions within ourselves.

  • Understanding their positive purposes which they make.

  • Making the new way of realizing your purposes.

  • Evaluation of alternative forms of behaviours on a subconscious level.

Thanks to these therapies, not only can health problems be solved, but we can improve other aspect of our lives: finance, job related matters, human and family relationships and issues.

We also offer trips to famous healing locations.

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