Rejuvinating massage

The main purpose of rejuvenate massage is to evoke an organism’s ability to self-regeneration and self-regulation as well as to regain of the inner harmony and spiritual balance.

Regain health is a condition for youth.

The characteristic of this massage is different than those who are generally known. It is a process during which a person who takes part in it participates in a session in an active and passive way.

Due to complexity and multiplicity of this therapy I do not give any abridge descriptions.

All information, the rules of procedure and recommendations as well as all essential information will be discussed, presented, performed and explained in a chronological way because it is the fundamental requirement for attaining the purposeful, final result.

In case of people suffering from following diseases:

Serious Cancer diseases,

Stroke and heart attack,

Heart condition,

Hypertension over 180/90,

Severe mental illness,

  • Exercises maybe performed under supervision while taking into consideration an option required in such cases.

In these circumstances an individual approach is recommended.

The massage can be done 3-5 times a week.